Goodbye North Carolina

Flew to NC on Sunday, came home Saturday.

Best workout trip since I’ve been dating Jason. Worked out every day, super hard. Felt so good! I’m going to kind of miss the Special Forces gym.

Jason: “Where do you want to eat? There’s Texas Roadhouse, Thai Food, Fazoli’s, Jersey Mike’s, and…”
Me: “Hmmm I don’t know… are you feeling like any of those?”
Jason: “Hmmm I don’t know…”
“Oh, there’s PDQ. They have fresh tenders and sandwiches”
Me: “Fresh tenders? Like fresh chicken tenders?”
Jason: “Ya”
Me: “Done.”
Jason: “Done.”
Me: “Yayyyy… fresh tenders”

Never in my life have I had such delish chicken fingers. We ate there once a day for the rest of the trip.

Oh, and PDQ cookies: !!!

PDQ, please come to whatever city I decide to live in next.

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