1 thought on “Message From Elder F. Enzio Busche”

  1. I just finished redniag this book. I met Enzio Busche at Impact Trainings a few years ago, he completed the first part of that training and his son came from Germany to do the training as well. Our trainer is Hans Berger, also from Germany.I just loved the book. It is so full of spiritual experiences. I didn’t want to put it down and I wanted to be able to tap into the Spirit the way he did, but the price he paid was high for the experiences he had and I admire him for that. I learned so much from him about Germany and how it must have been to have been raised in the environment he was raised in. My uncle married a woman from Germany who is just a bit older than Bro. Busche (she has passed away now) and I feel he gave me a gift of understanding of her and of German Latter-day Saints from his willingness to share his experience and feelings.I don’t understand about the emeritus status and wish he was still a general authority!

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