Trip to Michigan with Mom

Mom and I decided to go to Michigan to visit Pete and Jess and the boys. So much fun! Pete, Mom and I went to a Michigan basketball game.

It was also Dan’s birthday coming up and so Mom took him to choose some shoes and get a treat. (She does this with each grandchild for their birthday.) Usually, she’ll take them to a bakery or a little cafe and they’ll get to pick out a doughnut or a cupcake or something. When she asked Dan which treat he wanted, he pointed to a big cake hahahah. Mom said “are you sure you don’t want something smaller like this cupcake or something?” and he said “No, I want that one!” Hhahaha. So cute. Dan wasn’t choosing that cake to be greedy – he picked it because he wanted to bring it home and share it with his brothers. Melt my heart. I love that little Dan.

I also planned a special Valentine’s treasure hunt for the boys. I got some red yarn and strung it ALL around their house. And then back around the house. About three times. 🙂 It went upstairs and down to the basement and around the main floor, and then upstairs again, etc. The strings crossed and were hidden behind drawers and furniture in some spots (I was trying to make it extra tricky), so they had to follow it very closely to avoid getting on the wrong section of string. I hid the final treats in the piano bench – candy buttons, brownie mix and .

We also went to the Children’s Museum in Boston. So cool! The kids loved it – almost as much as me. 🙂

In the top section, there was a room full of red foam bricks. I built a castle around John:

And then Dan (you can see him, barely, through that little window).

Joey was also learning how to count (very high) and was excited about it.

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