Where the Ocean Meets the Land

Well I’ve been hanging round this place
I’ve been looking through your space
I’ve been waiting for you

All the places that you go
All the people that you know
I’ve been looking for you

And all these pretty people up on El Cerrito Place
They all got something in their pockets,
All got something on their face
They roll down to La Brea where it meets the boulevard
Singing hallelujah while they dance over the stars
They all say they’re going far

Me, I’ve been looking for you baby…

Someone said they might have seen you where the ocean meets the land
So I’ve been out here all night looking for your footprints in the sand
Did you hear the ocean singing
And baby did you sing along
While you danced out in the water to some old forgotten song
Or were you even here at all?

Somehow I wound up in the desert
Just after daylight
Where the Joshua trees grow
That little place you always liked
These pioneer town people ain’t got too much to say
And if you ever were here baby they ain’t giving you away
And now it’s been two days

Think I’ll go back to the city
Back to El Cerrito Place
That’s the last time that I saw that pretty smile upon your face

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